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Telephone support services for E-commerce

More and more companies feel the need to add an on-line sales system alongside the traditional sales system within their physical store.
This phenomenon is booming and has great potential for both Italian companies abroad and for foreign firms in Italy.
Multi Office Service is able to offer targeted and flexible solutions that can provide the right support to the growing needs of this market.

Services offered:

- Phone Assistant virtual answering service.
Your assistant will answer calls on your line in a personalized manner.
Your assistant may accept and write down any phone orders, requests for information about the features of your products, provide website navigation guidance for potential customers.
Your assistant may also receive or send faxes on your behalf informing you promptly of all communications.

- Postal domiciliation.
Our staff is able to provide all the necessary support to receive parcels, correspondence, samples, etc. with possible forwarding to your address.

- Outbound services.
Your assistant can solicit payments from your customers and perform recall activities in support of any campaigns (direct marketing) you promote to launch new products/proposals.

Your assistant can also take care of:

back office activities related to on-line booking of your B&B/apartment hotel
• the management of messages on your business blog/social media accounts
data entry activities, even remotely (update price lists, customer/supplier lists, order entry).
web marketing activities