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The postal domiciliation service allows you to use the address of our headquarters on your letterhead, web site and other web-based tools in order to receive letters, parcels and other ordinary postal products.
Carefully following your instructions, our staff will inform you of the arrival of correspondence by e-mail, phone or text message, digitizing and storing it in a personal folder.
If required, we can send the contents of what is received to you in advance by e-mail, or forward it all to you at another physical address.
The contract governing the postal domiciliation service does not allow you to register our office address at the Chamber of Commerce and Revenue Agency as your legal domicile.




The legal domiciliation service allows you to enjoy the same benefits as the postal domiciliation service, as well as to receive registered letters, notices, and judicial, administrative and fiscal documents.
The contract governing the legal domiciliation service does not allow you to indicate our address as the place accounting books and records are kept.

The domiciliation services, integrated with the Phone Assistant service and with a personal fax number, enables you to have a true virtual office ready to use!

For registration and further information about the economic conditions governing the service, please contact us on +39 0458922950. Alternatively please fill out the not binding request in the Contact section.